Congratulations to Mrs. Medellin, 1st Grade EFL teacher, for being selected the 2019 Read Conmigo Educator of the Year in Florida. See Mrs. Heredia’s beautiful nominating statement below, about her impact on our students.

Mrs. Medellin is my son’s first grade teacher.  My son is in a co-teaching model with two of the best teachers our school has to offer.  Mrs. Castillo and Mrs. Medellin are both amazing!  However, I would like to take the time to recognize Mrs. Medellin in particular for her passion in teaching Spanish to her first grade students.  She is an exceptional teacher!  My son has learned so much this school year.  He is speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish more than I could ever imagine.  He can even read a passage in Spanish and answer comprehension questions based on what he read, almost better than he can in English. He loves going to school!  He looks forward to Mrs. Medellin’s captivating EFL lessons.  She makes learning Spanish fun and exciting for the students.  She motivates and challenges them to speak Spanish even if it is not the primary language spoken at home.  My son refused to speak Spanish, although it was the first language he learned being taken care of by his great-grandmother, until Mrs. Medellin instilled in him a love for the language.  One day he came home asking me if we could speak Spanish for the day.  I was in shock at first but then so elated!  I asked him why he wanted to speak Spanish, and his response was ‘so my teacher can be proud of me, and so she can see that I am learning everything she is teaching me!’  It was so amazing to see the excitement in his eyes when he began speaking Spanish to his dad and I.  Now, he goes to his grandmothers’ houses and speaks Spanish to them.  They are so happy to be able to have a conversation with their grandson which they could not do before because he would only speak to them in English.  He has learned so much in first grade with his two awesome teachers!  The growth he has made in his bilingual education is unbelievable!  I am thankful and blessed to have had them both teach my child.  I am especially thankful to Mrs. Medellin for paving the way to a bright future as a truly bilingual student!  She is very deserving of the Bilingual Educator Award!